An interior designer must not only be a creator, but also a guardian of the past 257 m² functionalist villa in Prague.

Artists in Space
Interior design plays a key role in creating a harmonious and functional environment. In the city of Prague, with its rich history and architecture, we had the opportunity to watch a master of his craft in action. An interior designer, an expert in creating aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces, became the creator of a new life in a historic rental apartment in a functionalist villa.

Preservation of History
The historic rental apartment offered an interesting challenge. The interior designer had to be not only a creator, but also a guardian of the past. His task was to breathe new life into this space, but at the same time to keep the historical elements of the building. It was not only about the aesthetic side, but also about the structural integrity required by the majestic functionalist villa.

Interior designer has created stunning and cozy interior design.

luxury interior design of living room
luxury living room
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luxury minimalistic kitchen
luxury minimalistic kitchen interior design
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Interior designer not only create interior design, but stick to a set financial budget.