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This project of a cottage or bungalow (in the following text it can be called a cottage a bungalow or a luxury tiny house) is used for all-season living and all its rooms are completely and fully furnished. In addition, it saves time during construction, has low operating costs, has low negative impact on the environment, ease of maintenance, maximum usability, and at the same time offers luxurious quality and modern design, these are the main positives of a compact cottage house.

Unique design of luxury interior design of cottage / bungalow

Interior design of cottage
exterior design of house

If you are looking for a minimalist cottage interior design, or for temporary housing that will be yours, a compact cottage is the right choice for you. The architecture and interior design of the cottage was aimed at satisfying the needs of a wide range of clients. The architectural study was conceived in such a way that its compact shape and layout allow it to be placed and turned to any location or side of the world. It can satisfy demands for temporary accommodation – a cottage, a house for guests, but also a permanent one for two residents – a small independent family bungalow, the addition of a small family bungalow to an existing house.

Whether you call it a small bungalow or a cottage, a small prefabricated house, a small luxury house, for us it is fully equipped living for the demanding in small. If you are looking for housing that is easy to build, you don’t want to build a cottage, bungalow, or small house, try this luxury on a small scale. A compact bungalow is self-sufficient housing for anyone looking for decent housing that can be placed anywhere – in the garden or in nature. You can exclusively purchase this bungalow cottage project only from us.

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In this day and age, when housing costs are ever higher and interest rates are constantly increasing, finding efficient and economical solutions for building a house is becoming a priority for many people.

One of the latest trends in the construction industry is the concept of a modern and ecological bungalow or cottage, which combines low costs, quick construction and an economical operating method of housing.

The cottage can be built at a reduced cost, despite the use of quality materials, which is especially important in the current era with ever-increasing interest rates. Just download it and build it, however, it is necessary to have the drawings for the building permit in the given environment.

The concept of the cottage project can be adjusted and used according to individual preferences. It can serve as an ecological cottage, a weekend house, a bungalow or even as a house that you can built on your parents’ property :-). It is possible to adjust the style of the furniture and choose a different type of materials, making the cottage or bungalow truly unique and adapted to your needs and wishes.

The advantages of this concept are obvious. In addition to saving money during construction, time is also a value that you will save inestimably. Interior design, visualisations, drawing documentation and finally furniture are complicated processes that can take from 22 to 26 weeks. If you were to order a similar proposal individually, the costs could be around 4,608 Euro without VAT, which includes layout, visualisations, drawing documentation and a complete budget.

Interior design of cottage

However, if you decide to purchase through our e-shop, the price for the final project is significantly lower, namely 920 Euro without VAT. A modern and ecological bungalow is not only a financially advantageous alternative, but also a means of obtaining a stylish and functional house with minimal costs and time investment. It is a solution that takes into account the needs of modern times and adapts to current trends in the construction industry. Be a part of this innovative movement and get your own modern bungalow today!

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