In Prague, where history meets modernity, there is a unique private residence project. The interior architect from Prague together with the owner transformed the family villa into a uniqueness where luxury meets a pleasant atmosphere.
The work of an architect is synonymous with the perfect harmony of aesthetics and function.

The Prague interior architect left his unmistakable mark in many homes, but one of his most striking works is this interior designed in a cosy atmosphere. In this project, natural oak veneer was the main material that completed the subtle elegance and pleasant atmosphere. With soft lighting that completes the play of light and shadows, the space has become a place where aesthetics and functionality have come together.

Every detail has been carefully considered, while the curves were one of the key elements that gave the interior a harmonious and soft look. The veneered furniture was also designed with an emphasis on rounded shapes, which added a touch of luxury and elegance to the rooms.

Interior designer PRAGUE has created stunning and cozy exterior & interior.

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Interior architect Prague
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Interior architect Praha created a symbiosis of interior and exterior.

The interior architect extended the atmosphere of warmth and light to the exterior as well. He designed a sliding pool cover that allows it to be used in different seasons and pergolas that provide pleasant shade on hot summer days. Storage for storing things and a carport were other elements that added to the practicality and functionality of the exterior.

A luxurious workshop and work space in the garage were other added values ​​of this project.

The interior architect did not stop only at beauty, but also at practicality and satisfaction of the client’s needs. Tailor-made upholstery with high-quality fabrics completes the overall look and feel of luxury.

Cooperation with the interior architect Prague brought not only a beautiful and functional home, but also a feeling of satisfaction and pride in the place where one lives. His work is proof that combining aesthetics with functionality is not only possible, but also necessary to achieve a perfect being. This project is exceptional due to its location and overall atmosphere of nature.

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