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Interior architect in Dubai, specialized in commercial spaces, designed a modern interior design of a cafe in Dubai. The criteria of the client who approached us with the creation of the interior design of a cafe in Dubai were uniqueness, elegance and coziness at the same time. Materials and colors reflect the natural environment of Dubai. Stone, stucco plaster and cast floor resemble sand, metal, glass elements and mirrors evoke luxury. Golden lamps and round panels create a special charisma of the cafe, which was designed by an interior.
Tone-on-tone upholstered elements complement the neutral color range. Wooden furniture returns the customer to a pleasant and homely atmosphere. We brought life to the space by incorporating greenery into the built-in furniture. Despite the trendy beige color scheme, we tried to keep the space slightly contrasting and natural.

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Today a cafeteria means much more than just a place to drink a coffee. Many people identify with their way of the standard of living and want to feel the vibe while driving their favourite coffee. Interior design should reflect your personality. When it comes down to it, the question arises as to whether the so-called interior architect should help us or whether we’d rather do it ourselves.

However, this phenomenon can cause the interior to become only an aesthetic and photogenic place, but one should not forget about function, satisfaction and comfort. The right architect should not only save your time but also save money. If you need someone to guide you and give you ideas about what type of premises should be introduced an architect is the right choice.

An interior architect in Dubai will help you navigate the market in the multitude of options offered, because he has insight. The architect knows the suppliers responsible for implementation and is dedicated to your project professionally. It will save you time when designing, finding furniture, the right size sofas and of course supervising during the whole process of fit out. In today’s digital media environment, the interior is something and should be something we love spend time in.

The visualizations that we execute for clients are created broadly. The destination doesn’t play any role for us.  The pandemic has also taught us to use online meetings, so we know that we can also create turnkey implementations remotely.

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 We search for companies and services as close as possible to the place of implementation and we try to choose the lowest possible price for you, without affecting the quality of the services offered.

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